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I probably have too much of free time...
...good that it will end soon~

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some more or less accurate (rather less because it was easier to write it again in English, than try to translate each sentence) translation of my comment there:
Eeeee... yyyy... ummm... you know... so.... - Feliks tries to say something, and wants to sound quite serious and so on, but he has some big problems with it. And Toris knows exactly what happens in Feliks' head, but he is somehow cruel today (sic!) so he only wait patiently, and won't help. xD But well... it his birthday, so sorry Feliks. You have to go through it. Oh, and there is also problem of present, the one Feliks hides behind himself... Because if it is something stupid or embarrassing then it's not so surprising that he has problems with saying something serious xD

And I know that I'm one day late with it, but well... eee...um... xD

Disclamer: both Toris and Feliks belongs to
Hidekaz Himaruya

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